If you know us you know we have no shortage of critters running around at all times. With summer finally arriving, the snow melting, mud present, and dirt to remain through the season I wanted to share what I use (basically daily) to keep the floors clean for the little dude running around.

Here is a summary of my products listed if you don’t want to read the rest of the post (I get it!)

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Four years ago I got my first Shark Navigator from Costco and I was skeptical at best, every vacuum that claims to be GREAT on hardwood floors actually just blows the dirt around without accomplishing anything buuuuuuuut, I am totally sold and converted to Shark for life. It cleans magnificently and I have run the heck out of it over the last four years and it still works brilliantly. Even though I admittedly have not changed the filters nearly as often as I should.

Here’s the link to my most loyal workaholic vacuum!

It’s not the cheapest bottom of the line vacuum but it is really affordable for the length of time it lasts.

AND if you want to be a good vacuum owner, here’s a link to some replacement filters to keep it smelling fresh and working flawlessly (verify your model number to ensure proper fitting).

I do wash my existing filters with dish soap every now and then to clean them out and leave them in the sun to dry. A few drops of lemon essential oil on the filter helps keep it smelling fresh as you use it, too!

With Mother’s Day coming up (my excuse to treat myself) and some good deals happening I picked up a new Shark Navigator (a little different than the one I have because I am passionately curious about the rest of their product line now) and it was on sale for 50% off so what the heck, right?

It’s a little cheaper than my original and I definitely do not plan on getting rid of my original (we’re bonded) but I am super excited for this new cleaning addition. We have a multi-level house so now I’m really stoked to have a vacuum on both floors and not have to go down or up when I need to use it.

Okay, onto the dreaded (but convenient) hardwood floors throughout the entire house.

Every summer my floors were gross, like straight up, gross every single day because despite vacuuming all the time, it’s not the same clean as actually washing the floors and seriously who has time to do that EVERY day?!

Around Black Friday I caught a good deal on a wet-vac and o-m-g why didn’t I do this sooner?

SO easy to vacuum AND mop. I do run the vacuum first because I don’t want to kill the poor thing with dog hair (though I’m sure it could handle it). Okay, okay. Without further ado here’s my beloved Bissell CrossWave Floor and CARPET cleaner!

You guys!!!! This thing cleans area rugs like a champ!

The most daunting thing about the wet-vac is the after cleaning maintenance but it is so worth it to not drag out a mop and bucket. I know, I know, Swiffer makes some nifty things to clean real quick but I’m not super fond of the waste with their disposable pads and the chemicals in their cleaning spray that isn’t diluted with any water makes me uneasy with a toddler and pets running around. I used to use it, but I did my research and I switched.

So, similar to a carpet shampooer there is a formula that you poor into the canister with some water, hook back into the vacuum, and then fire it up. It works so well. Muddy footprints, spilled juice, miscellaneous floor yuck… it gets it all.

When I’m finished washing the floors, I let it run in place for a minute to wash up the internals and then I take the spinning brush out and rinse it along with the waste bin and air filter. I let them dry and once a week I soak the air filter in a bowl of water with 1 tbsp. of bleach to keep it smelling fresh (it gets a little musky smelling when it can’t dry out completely each time and we’re short on sun in the winter months).

But, it works. It’s a great investment. I would buy everyone I know one if I could. Seriously.

My top complaints are that it is louder than the regular vacuum (I’m sensitive to noise, so it likely would not bother a normal individual lol) and the after cleaning rinsing and whatnot (that’s my lazy showing). Other than that, it does great.

SoOoOoO there we have it.

My floor BFFs — actual pictures of mine below, so you know I’m not here typing up elaborate lies.

My four year old on the left, new baby on the right
Mrs. WetVac

Who are your favorite floor friends?