Keep your money in 2020

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As we enter 2020 one of my biggest dare I say “resolutions” is to be more money wise.

Growing up we had less than zero dollars almost all of the time. I never heard the word budget in my entire childhood. I never knew what bills were, bank accounts, credit cards, what in the world is a credit score?! Nevermind asking about TAXES. I learned from the ground up, literally. I’m certainly not rolling in “dough” today but I have spent tons and tons of hours researching to make informed decisions to never end up in the same position my family was in as a kid. My husband thinks I’m a little neurotic with our accounting system but I make sure everything is accounted for, everything gets paid, and we eat. I would love nothing more than to be able to help anyone on the same journey, or even anyone starting over on their journey. Reach out to me, let’s discuss!

I’m fond of some of the aspects of “Minimalism” and part of that is being mindful of each purchase I make and ensuring every thing I bring into my home has a purpose or brings me joy.

To start light on this resolution I’ve made an extremely simple “Budget Tracker” that I can fill in the amount we spent on each category for each month and get an idea of exactly where our money is going and where we can potentially save.

I will e-mail this budget tracker to you for free – the only things you need to do are — at the bottom of this post, send me your e-mail through the sign up link and comment to let me know you’ve done so. That’s it! You’ll receive it in your inbox and you can print it and fill it out as you’d like with whatever categories you wish. It is incredibly basic and something I use myself, I promise to get more fancy as we go if this proves to have interest (time is money, afterall).

For a more detailed tracking of your finances and an easy way to stay accountable, check out this budget book on Amazon that comes with tons of fun features that makes this dreadful chore a little more lively.

I’m also keen on the cash envelope money management system. Basically, you have labelled envelopes for each of your categories and when you receive your paycheck you put the cash amount of your bill into the envelope until it is time to use it. Out of sight, out of mind. It helps keep your bills accounted for and ensures nothing is overlooked and no panic when the bill due notification pops up.

Most of our bills are on auto-draft so it makes the cash envelope system a little more tricky but it is extremely useful for groceries, pet supplies, car gasoline, things that pop up randomly without formal “due dates” and paying in cash helps me stay alert to the amount I’m actually putting forward for these things. I’m more likely to be more conscious of what groceries I’m picking up if I know I only have a certain amount of cash on me to cover them.

Here’s a link to a neat cash envelope system to get you started or if you are crafty it is really easy to make them on your own and save some money there, too!

How do you like to budget?

Any tips to share?

Remember, sign up with your e-mail and send me a comment!

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