Cats are fantastic, scooping their litter boxes is not.

If you know me personally, you know I rave about this self cleaning litter box.

If I could buy everyone I know a Litter-Robot I 100% would.

It’s a bit of investment to start out but the amount of money I save on buying litter alone has just about paid for it in the 6-ish months I’ve had it.

I shared a link to it on my personal Facebook and some friends/family had questions so I thought I’d share their questions and my feedback and provide some personal experience.

My hubby hates the litterbox and it’s a constant battle because of it. I can’t remember – do you have more than 1 cat? Their website says it only needs emptied once a week, is that your experience too? How often would you say you replace the litter? Does it smell?

I’m super intrigued but the price tag is a bit much for us but it might be worth it in the long run.

Yes! We have 4 cats.
With them we replace the bag every 4 days. With 2 cats I would say once a week. 
Once a month I tell the Litter-Robot to “empty” and pour new litter in. It’s SOOOO easy! 
No smells. It’s literally amazing. 
Every 3 months or so I have it empty and I spray it out in the shower.
The dome is water proof so it just unclips and you can clean it out really easily too. 
It has an app that tells you how full the waste bag is and you can control it from the app.

It takes only a fraction of the amount of litter of a traditional box.
We were using like 4+ tubs a month and now 1 tub lasts over a month.

To me, it’s 100% worth the investment since we both HATE scooping cat litter.
The robot uses any kind of trash bag too, I just use our 13 gallon kitchen trash bag size since we have those on hand. The small trash can bags fit in there too and are really cheap online. 

After you buy the robot the only things you have to buy are litter and waste bag of your choice.

When I swap out the waste bag I take the scooper and just run it around to catch any little clumps left behind but it has not been an issue whatsoever.

Sounds like with the amount of litter you were using it’s probably paid for itself easily! I bet it’s amazing with all the dogs around too, because there’s nothing for them to eat! That might be a big selling point..

Hahaha yes! When I first showed it to Zach he was like for that amount of money? Nope! I’ll clean the box!
I was like willlll youuuuu though?! Because you hate it?
Then a few days later he was like okay, we can try it.

It has a 90 day trial period in the event your cats hate it. 

How do you adjust your cats to the robot?

When I got it I put a few scoops of new litter and a scoop from their old box in the robot and left the old box in the same room with the robot.

I stopped cleaning the old box (yuck) so it would dirty up and they would use the robot.

It went flawlessly and they’ve never had an issue with it.

Even the super anxious cat who is convinced everything is out to kill her, uses it!

Can you use regular litter? How easy it is to change the bag? How long have you had it for?

Yep! Regular litter is perfect.
You just need to make sure it’s a clumping litter so the pee chunks fall to the bin. 

Really easy to change the bag, pull the drawer out, grab the corners of the bag and then set the new bag in and tuck it in and it’s done. 

I’m highly critical of things I invest this amount of money into and I honestly have been really happy with this purchase. Never regretted it.

I’ve had ours a bit over 6 months. I’ve connected with some people who have had theirs 2 years+ and are still happy with it. 

The biggest complaint I have seen is occasional issues of it not turning all the way because it senses a cat when there isn’t one but this is because some of the high dust litters get dust on the sensor but you just have to wipe it off every now and then. I haven’t experienced the problem though and I’ve been using the cheapest dustiest litter since it’s still from before I had the robot. So hard to say if it’s actually user error or not. 

I’m on my last jug (3 jugs have lasted this long) and going to buy Dr. Elsey’s litter (on amazon) since it’s recommended by others for the robot.

I’m obsessed with technology and things that make cleaning easier. I used to spend at least 10 minutes every day scooping our cat box. An hour or more each week dumping our litter box, cleaning, and replacing litter. Now I spend an hour every 3 months deep cleaning and 2 minutes or less replacing the waste bag every few days. It’s magic, marvelous, wonderful.

From the app you can adjust the amount of time it waits after the cat leaves for it to cycle. I increased our wait time since the cheaper litter takes a little longer to fully clump. There’s a nightlight and even the ability to attach it to a battery pack so it will work in the event of a power outage.

I’ve been yacking everyone’s ear off about the Litter-Robot so I decided to join their affiliate program to give anyone who uses my link $25 off their purchase and I get compensated in return. This does not influence my opinion of the Litter-Robot, as with anything else I recommend, it’s my honest opinion. So, if you click any of the links in this post I may receive compensation in return (but you may also!).

Here’s the link to buy the Litter-Robot and save $25!

I have the air filter set up next to the box when I pour all new litter in (because I’m still working through my tub of cheap but very dusty litter. I turn it on for a few minutes after I put the litter in but it’s completely optional and if you purchase a higher quality litter it’s not needed at all.