I’m completely guilty of being a little Potter obsessed, so for my son’s first birthday I figured I should pick something that I want since he absolutely does not give a bother.

Thus, the Harry Potter party was born! I’ll give you some information on how I put the party together and at the end I’ll list the items I bought (and actually used) so you have an idea of what you might need for your own Potterfest!

I definitely had a small budget for the party, I didn’t want to invest a bunch of dollars into things we would use once and it went perfectly.

The color scheme for each of the houses, red, blue, yellow, and green were very easy to find products for just about anywhere. I grabbed a bag of each color in balloons from the dollar store and a pack of white ones to make some owls.

The backdrop was super simple! I used our shower curtain rod to connect to the cabinet and wall and the house color sheets are just vinyl table cloths from the dollar store. I folded them in thirds and just laid them over the top of the rod and it was perfect. I found the small house logos at WalMart for a couple dollars and it included all 4. Perfect!

I grabbed a pack of gold plastic silverware and put it in a small Harry Potter cup I also found at WalMart with the house ties, napkins, paper plates, and little Harry glasses.

The castle themed tablecloth was also from WalMart, overall WalMart has an excellent selection of Harry Potter party decor and it is cheap! Winning.

Cake smashes are the best part of birthdays, I bought two different sized round cake pans to make a larger cake for the guests and a small cake for the birthday boy. He does have a severe egg allergy so I checked out the frostings to make sure they did not have eggs and for the cake recipe I substituted apple sauce in place of eggs and it was surprisingly amazing!

I wanted to spiff up his highchair for the party and give him a spot to smash the cake that wouldn’t mean my entire house being covered in frosting. I got two packs of tinsel garland from the dollar store that came with tissue paper type material and a string to attach it to. You could easily make this if you have leftover or saved tissue paper at home and a string. Slice it into strands and tie or tape it onto the string. I had long strands of tissue paper, folded it in half and made a loop on the center to put the string through. I added a staple to the loop after it was on the string to make sure it would stay put. The number 1 balloon also came from the dollar store and I cut it a little to attach it to the string in the center of the garland. Super simple and super affordable.

My original goal with the balloons was to make hanging towers of each house color but I soon realized that attaching balloons to each other is a total pain. I used fishing line to tie them together and then just stacked them around the table for aesthetic purposes only. We had many stray balloons floating around the house. I used sharpie to draw the owls on the white balloons and let them wander around the house too. They were so cute.

The sacks on the table on each side actually came from some gifts we received from Amazon, I kept the sacks and stuffed them with whatever was nearby for some filler and sat them there to look pretty. It worked well. I’m all about repurposing and reusing!

Overall the party was very affordable and it turned out better than I thought it was going to on the decor side of things. I’m proud of what I was able to put together without breaking the bank.

I got a pack of red party favor bags from the dollar store, folded them and made them into little owls. In the party bags were small trinkets like mini trophies, necklaces, small containers of playdough. The party hats were also from the dollar store. I then used little notecards to write display messages for fun little activities.

For gifts at our party we requested no toys (how does he already have SO MANY?!) and instead asked that people “adopt” an animal from the World Wildlife Fund to give money to a nice charity and not add to our clutter (we’re working on Minimalism). It was perfect.

What You Need For Your Party

Table cloths – red, blue, yellow, green, Harry Potter theme

Balloons – red, blue, yellow, white (10 each)

Harry Potter house flags

Harry Potter paper plates (dinner size & cake size)

Plastic gold silverware

Harry Potter cup

Mini Harry Potter glasses

Harry Potter house ties

8 inch circle cake pan

6 inch circle cake pan

Two frosting colors of your choice

Cake mix

Party favor bags

Party favors

Party hats

Tinsel garland or tissue paper and string

Number balloon

Custom birthday shirt “the chosen one”

Happy Birthday banner

Permanent marker (for the owl balloons)

Fishing line or other clear string (for the balloons)


At the end of the day, this is your party. Even if zero people show up, take all the pictures, enjoy every moment, don’t stress, admire all of your hard work!