Coming to terms with your mental health

I have never liked how having anxiety, depression, or any other mental struggle has been some top secret behind closed doors topic.

If you branch out you will soon realize that most people around you struggle in some sort of way with some aspect of literally anything.

As humans, we are flawed. We struggle. That’s okay. You aren’t broken, you aren’t doomed, you will be okay. If not today, soon.

The best thing I discovered when fighting through my ongoing struggles with mental health is that when you start owning it and opening up to the world around you acknowledging what you have going on, it actually helps a small part of the struggle.

I no longer felt as if I was suffering in silence and continuously holding up a happy face and pretending my life is absolutely nothing but peaches and daisies. But, it’s not. We all struggle. No one, absolutely no one, is perfect.

If you branch out and open up you may find the best support group you were never even looking for. You’ll find encouragement, solidarity, and hope in the strangest of places.

But how?

It’s a weird leap, and a weird transition if you’ve always been publicly known for having everything put together and being 110% on top of your game all the time. I’d say the first thing to do is to be honest with yourself.

Where are you struggling?

What is happening to you in these struggles?

Are you faced with never-ending feeling of pending doom?

Crippling crying sessions because the world feels like it’s closing in?

Find out what is what and start doing some research. What I’ve learned is anxiety is definitely far more prominent in each individual I’ve encountered than anything else (from my completely own opinion and no medical confirmation, I’m not trying to diagnose the world). But, when I start chatting with people I learn that so so so many fight anxiety on a daily basis. It’s become a new norm.

I can’t say I’m surprised it’s as common as it is. Our world has become so fast pace, bundled with instant gratification, filled with unknowns and life altering decisions left and right. It’s a lot. It’s a lot to decide everything young adults need to decide.

Find out what is going on with you, write yourself up an honest evaluation of your current mental state. Just spill it all out. Be real honest with yourself and what you’re feeling.

Then, when you are ready, look into some of those feelings, what could they relate back to? Are they anxiety? Are they depression? Neither? Keep searching and I’m positive you will find an idea.

Take your evaluation and your ideas you’ve discovered and branch out. Talk with whoever you may trust and see what their thoughts are. Take the thoughts you’ve collected in addition to your evaluation and search around to what kind of help is available near you. Whether it be a life counselor, therapist, primary care provider, anyone with any mental health knowledge that can help you get back to where you need to be.

Not everyone requires prescription medication to feel “normal” again. Sometimes a good talk therapy session can solve a lot of things you have going on. Sometimes it takes a few, or a different provider, whatever it takes.. I encourage you to make that leap. You deserve to put yourself first here.

You have the power to decide how you want to feel and what you are going to do about it.

Please, if you have nowhere to turn, reach out to me even just to chat and I am happy to make sure you are not alone in your adventure to mental peace.

Piece by piece, little by little, you will build yourself back up and you will soar higher than ever.

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