The more it’s discussed the more I realize how common this is…

Why have birthday celebrations taken such a back burner on the priority scale of friends and family?

Let me say a couple of things, directed at absolutely no one but it needs to be said.

If you don’t want to attend a party, RSVP no immediately. Let go of the guilt or whatever, just say no.

If you RSVP yes, go to the party unless you’re ill/an emergency. Don’t let people down like that. If you’re out of spoons, can’t be bothered to socialize, I totally get that… just try. Even 5 minutes would make a world of difference.


Let me explain something, I specifically asked for no gifts because I did not want people to miss celebrating our son’s first birthday if their finances did not allow gifts. No. Big. Deal.

We just want to celebrate!

If you just don’t care to socialize with the people who invited you.. just say no. Don’t evade, linger, whatever. No is a complete sentence.

It goes so far beyond the simple party itself. The planning, purchasing, excitement, love that goes into these things is unreal. The hurt of no one who said they would be there actually showing up is above and beyond.

It makes you feel like crap. Especially if you’ve made it a point to attend their things and you’re left with a dozen untouched goody bags, slices of cake, food. All reminders of the high hopes you had.

Feel free to roll your eyes and claim it isn’t that big of a deal. Sure, if you’ve never been there. If you’ve got more friends and family than you know what to do with. Sure.

I’m not sure how you don’t walk away from an empty party completely bitter. It doesn’t matter, it’s not the point, it’s silly, but man it’s still there.

If you’ve planned a party and are panicking no one will show, or are watching the cancellations roll in. I feel for you.

Don’t cancel, keep going.

You aren’t alone.

You did a great job.

Those decorations are top notch.

Take all the pictures, enjoy all of the moments, and clean out your “friends” list later.

If you can’t be bothered to spare an hour of your day for someone else with no solid reason not to…. sorry, you just might suck.